Can you help a transgender get educated?

We see them often. Look at how many transgender women today are on the streets. During the day, they beg for their livelihood. During night, they do sex work, allowing themselves to be sexually exploited and paid. Why do you think this happens?

Have you ever wondered why transgenders are on streets begging? What happened to their father, mother, their families? Where do they come from? Is begging something they have chosen?

Our society’s constraint on gender roles is pathetic. Patriarchy rules our society. Women or ‘people who are like women’ are generally considered inferior to men and are a constant targets of various physical, mental and social exploitation.

Transgenders are abandoned by their families. Because of this rejection, they end up with other transgender people who embrace them with open arms but conditions apply. To live with other transgenders, you need to give them a share of the ‘income’ from begging and sex work. Sometimes, this is the most unbearable exploitation, they fear to escape from the clutches of the group. Everywhere, their blood and sweat is sucked.

Many transgenders want to live with their parents, many want to get educated and live a decent, respected life with dignity and pride. The horrible conditions and their placement in society does not allow them to get empowered. But, there is nothing wonderful than education which can transform their lives for better, for ever.

I, as an educated transgender woman, and an activist and artist, wanted to use my talents of creativity to make art, give it to people who appreciate it and will be wanting to purchase, and sponsor the education of the needy transgender people. I believe art can transform anybody’s life. The talent God has given me I am beginning to use it with a purpose, a noble cause.

Everyday, I receive many phone calls from transgender people for some sort of support, I prioritize the support for education as the most important one. That is how I happen to start a campaign to give my artworks to people and raise funds for the education of Anu, Maitreyi, Kotravai and Lalitha whom I carefully chose after several interviews.

I am so happy that my art campaign to raise money for their education is a blooming success. I wanted to raise 2 Lakhs through my artworks, out of which 60% I am giving to the four chosen transgender women for their education. The remaining funds will go to create more artworks and begin the next campaign for supporting more people. Till now, more than 66% of the funds have been raised. There is only 34% more to be raised to complete this campaign successfully.

Your help in changing their lives for better is important. You can make a huge difference now. Can you help them get educated? Can you give them a life with dignity? Go to the campaign link… and contribute, choose my artworks, art prints and other cool things as rewards. Small or big contributions, every single one makes a difference. Many have purchased the artworks and have contributed for theIr education.

This is the first of its kind campaign in the world, where art will make a great positive change in the lives of the underprivileged transgender people for their education.

Help us complete this campaign and continue to support more people who need to get educated and break away from the horrors of sex work and begging.

You can do it.

Visit…, contribute and make a change today.

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About Kalki Subramaniam

She is a social activist, poet and actress working on transgender people’s social, political and economic rights in India. She work along with alleys like State Legal Services Authorities, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and other LGBT and Human Rights organizations in India. In 2007,I found an organization called Sahodari Foundation, a non profit organization working for transgender people’s social and economic empowerment The organization is small yet a powerful one which has brought positive changes in the lives of many transgender people. 

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