Farmers in distress are committing suicide

Farmers in distress are committing suicide in tamilnadu esp in the Delta regions.

A lot of people have been asking to chip in to the plight of the farmers suffering due to drought, unpaid loans, financial stress etc.,

I am confused at the moment. The little response coming in from a few people is touching but very late. Have we missed the warning signs completely.

Water tilting scales here and there is causing huge misery. Only it could bring prosperity. Hence it is worshipped but surely not respected.

Tackling the disasters unleashed by water is no easy game. Floods come in a flash and are very visible. Makes it a little easy to address the problem of relief giving & sharing a few material things. Drought is a disaster of a very very different kind. Not very visible but strikes very hard with after effects lasting for a long long time.

Recovery from floods takes time but happens. Drought pushes into conditions of hopelessness and the loss of confidence in recovery is what pushes farmers to commit suicide.

Solutions – Primary attention is water & complete attention from all quarters for its well being -then follows a design that is economically viable with less water – multi cropping – live stock diversity- value addition skills and assets reach are the secondary steps. But water is what we all need to focus our energies on. If we really want to help the farming community from distress and death.

I may sound very cruel here. I hope Krishna waters do not reach Chennai this time around. Because to draw attention to the tragedy of drought across the state. Chennai needs to experience the same.

Source : Piyush Manush Photo: Facebook

About Piyush Manush

Piyush Manush is an environmental activist from Tamil Nadu, India. Along with few people in 2010, He formed the Salem Citizen’s Forum, a collective of urban citizens that engaged in people welfare activities. The Forum adopted the Mookaneri Lake, a 58-acre located at the foot of the Shevaroy Hills, was conserved from massive pollution. He has also made contribution to revive water bodies like Ammapettai Lake, Kundukkal Lake, Ismailkhan Lake, Arisipalayam Pond and Pallappatti well. He opposed commercial mining in Kanjamalai hills and He stands against encroachments and land mafia. He created ‘Coop Forest’, an initiative for forest preservation, on a hilly terrain in Dharmapuri. He represented people of Chennai along with others to collect CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2015 award.


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