Cow protest the bus asking for justice – Karnataka

“Animals share with Us the privilege of having a Soul” – Pythagoras

Everyone accepts that there is no more than a mother’s love towards her child. I am 100% sure that this story will touch your soul and leave you in tears.

A few years back a bus killed her calf in a road accident in Sirsi, Uttara Kannada district. From then the cow visits the spot where her calf was killed and wait for the bus. On arrival of the bus that took her calf’s life, it follows the same bus and block to show her protest against the killer vehicle.

It chases and stop only the particular bus and doesn’t disturb other vehicles passing by. All tricks failed to get rid of the cow and they even painted the bus. Nothing worked. The cow follows and blocks the bus to a limited area (place of accident), once the bus crosses the area it goes back to her original spot. We have limited information on it

Watch the heart-wrenching video.

Cow ask for a justice and protest the bus

Source & Photo : Youtube

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This viral video in WhatsApp and youtube convey a very strong message to us. The most painful incident is losing someone in an accident.  All living beings have love and pain. The statistic shows that many cows and calf are being sent to slaughter house daily particularly Indian native breeds.

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