“Jallikattu is not a sport, it is breeding science”, says Hiphop Tamizha

Young music director, rapper, and lyricist ‘Hiphop Tamizha’ Aadhi told, “It is not just cultural identity or sport, it is something to do with rural ecosystems, it is about the livelihood of farmers and it is a breeding science.” to News18 Tamil channel today during this protest in Tamilnadu.

 The last couple of weeks in Tamil Nadu have seen heated debates on Jallikattu and anyone opposing the sport getting a lot of backlashes.

Earlier in June 216, He has directed and released a musical theme video ‘Takkaru Takkaru’ which is a strong call for banning Jallikattu. Music video run for 12 minutes with a very strong message story line and has become a super hit among Tamils across the globe. Within three days of release, it has crossed a whopping one million hits in YouTube channel and nearing 5 million hits now.

“Hiphop Tamizha” Aadhi raising voice for a ‘social cause’ but has also strongly conveyed the point and it has struck the right chord with Tamil people for raising a timely voice to save an integral part of their tradition and culture.

“Idhu pinne ulla sarvadesa arasiyal viyabarathirkkaka nadanthidul veri seyal, intha vilaiyattai thadai seythal nattu maadu azhiyum velinattu viyabaram perukum” (Tamil). There is an international business behind this mad act and because of this native bull breed will disappear and international business will grow – Lyric by Hiphop Tamizha

“Ariyatha Tamizha, Un Ariyamai Pizhaiyal, Un Adaiyalam Izhanthal, Nee Medhuvaga Azhivai, Un Adaiyalam Izhanthal, Un Thai Naatil Neeyum Oru, Agathiyai Maariduvaai. Idhu maatta pathina pirachanai illa naatta pathina pirachanaiyada. Naatil porulatharam veelum naamum edukkanum pichaiyada” (Tamil). Tamizha, because of your unawareness, you will slowly lose your identity and will slowly come to an end and with your identity lost, you will become a refugee in your own homeland. This is not a bull issue, it is a country issue. Country economic will fall and we will beg for rest. – Lyric by Hiphop Tamizha.

The song, which documents the Jallikattu scene in the heartbeats of Tamil Nadu, aims to create awareness about the highly debated cultural sport.

The last couple of weeks in Tamil Nadu have seen heated debates on Jallikattu and anyone opposing the sport getting a lot of backlash. As the debate on lifting the ban on Jallikattu continues, one common opinion that most have is the political game that is played around the sport.

Students, Youngster, and the common public are feeling that they are cheated while political parties are busy trying to project themselves as supporting the cause.

#SupportJallikattu #SaveNativeBull

Photo : Twitter, intimes.co.in

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Adhi has great respect and admiration towards great Tamil poet Subramaniya Bharathi and this was the main reason which compelled him to make the logo with the face of this legendary personality “Hiphop Tamizha”. VOICM salutes Hiphop Tamizha initiative and wish to extend it support to him. 

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